Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Alan Rath, Electronic Sculpture
Second Half Term Research Paper and Final Reports:

1) You will write a 1200 word paper comparing and contrasting two of the artists remaining on your list of choices made earlier in the term, or, you may choose to select two new artists to focus upon. 

2) Be sure your artists are not those we have covered in class - I will once again approve your choices to be uploaded to the googledoc by this Thursday, November 3rd. If you would like to look further into artists who could be appropriate for this assignment, here are some of the links provided previously as well as some new ones:  

http://www.eyebeam.org/people/current (search through "fellows" and "residents" including the "Yearbooks" section for hundreds of amazing artists, links to their websites will generally be on their profile pages)
http://www.gamescenes.org/(Look through the interviews section) 

2) Research your chosen artists. Make sure to record citations of where to find the works, links, etc. Each paper should come with a Works cited/Bibliography page of no less than 5 citations.

3) Choose ONE representative work from each of your artists for a total of two works to be considered in your paper and presentation - you may choose to include more works by these artists in your visual presentation to the class. 

4) Describe, analyze, interpret, compare and contrast the artist’s works, considering broadly their chosen formal and conceptual strategies, being careful to address genre (film, video, performance, interactive art, simulation, game art, etc) in your general analysis of the works.  For the paper/blog post, make appropriate citations following standard academic paper guidelines (MLA or Chicago Manual Style)

Please limit your chosen artists/works to those created after 1980 - the only requirement is that the artists are somehow intrinsically involved in the creative use of digital technologies in their works. Please avoid artists who are solely "users", ie, working with painting software, illustrators, etc. 

The intent here is to give you the opportunity to critically engage in basic research and analysis of artists and artworks while at the same time encouraging a greater depth of experience of various artist’s creative production and contexts. 


Your writing will be graded according to the quality of your research, the originality of your analysis, the clarity of your writing, design and clarity of your presentation.

We will be scheduling final presentations for the last two weeks of the term. Presentation dates will be selected randomly. Each student will have 10-15 minutes to present their analysis/visual report to the class.